Sleep & See - Correcting your vision while you sleep

There are different ways to correct your vision, and it is important that you know what the best option is for you. Glasses and contact lenses are the most common ways people choose to correct their vision.  There is a type of contact lens that has been out for more than 30 years, but not too many people are familiar with it. It is a contact lens that corrects your vision while you sleep. It’s like a retainer for your eyes! It’s called Orthokeratology or Ortho-K, for short.  Ortho-K contact lenses are rigid and mold the corneal front surface of the eye by eliminating moderate amounts of myopia (nearsightedness - can’t see far) and astigmatism. 

These nighttime contact lenses are great for kids who are active and often loose or break their glasses. For adults, it’s a good alternative to refractive surgery. These lenses have also shown to stabilize prescriptions, preventing them from changing so often.  So if your child is already starting to become nearsighted, this would be a great option for them, preventing their prescription from getting worse as they age.  Another great aspect of the lenses is that they can last a really long time because of their structure and material. I had a seven-year-old Ortho-K patient come in for his yearly check up.  He enjoys being eyewear and contact lens-free during the day and only wears his Ortho-K lenses every other night. This year, he was 20/20 in each eye without correction (better than the 20/50 a year ago).   Furthermore, Ortho-K treatments are not permanent. Your cornea will always go back to its original shape after not wearing the lenses for so long.  How you choose to correct your vision should be a serious discussion between you and your eye care provider.  There are only a handful of options, so make sure you do what is best and healthiest for your eyes!

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