Tips for Managing Chronic Dry Eyes

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Tips for Managing Chronic Dry Eyes

Chronic dry eyes are a common condition affecting millions of people. 

When your eyes don’t have enough lubrication, they can feel gritty or burn like you’ve spent too much time at the computer. If this sounds like you, you know how uncomfortable it can be. You might even not want to drive at night, or maybe you keep an array of eye drops always within reach. If so, it’s a good idea to have a checkup.

Dr. Bimal Patel offers solutions for chronic dry eyes at Focus Refined Eye Care in Houston, Texas. We evaluate your eye health through three tests to determine the likely cause of your dry eyes and recommend treatment options. 

Common causes of dry eyes 

Age, medical conditions, and even common medications like antihistamines can lead to dry eyes because your eyes produce less lubrication.

The other reason for dry eyes is increased tear evaporation. This can occur because you blink less - think long hours at the computer. Or, it can be due to a physical change in your eyelids or even allergies or exposure to dry air.

Dry eye irritation often affects women over 50, thanks to hormonal changes. Sometimes, people who’ve worn contact lenses for decades or had corrective lens surgery earlier feel the symptoms of dry eyes. 

Once we determine the cause, we can help you feel better. 

Symptoms of chronic dry eyes 

If your eyes are bothering you regularly and over-the-counter eye drops aren’t helping, you may have some ongoing symptoms. 

  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Light sensitivity 
  • Redness 
  • Stringy mucus in your eyes
  • No longer able to wear contact lenses

Dry eye treatments 

Depending on the severity of your dry eyes, you can make several lifestyle changes to find relief.

Simple habits like drinking enough water and eating foods with Vitamin A can help relieve your eye irritation.  Running a humidifier keeps a good balance of moisture in the air to balance out the dryness of indoor heat during cold spells.

Then there’s your workstation. You can minimize eye strain by keeping your computer monitor at eye level and arm’s length away. Take frequent breaks and make sure you blink. 

Of course, if you’ve suffered from chronic dry eyes for a week or more, you want to have them examined.

Dr. Patel may recommend medication if your eyelids are inflamed. He may recommend HydroEye supplements. These soothe tired eyes. There are even special contact lenses that heal your eye’s surfaces.

There are many ways to ease the symptoms of chronic dry eyes. Focus Refined Eye Care has offices in Houston, Texas's Montrose and The Heights neighborhoods. You can book an appointment with our online scheduling tool.