Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency Eye Care

Don’t wait to seek emergency eye care if you or a loved one have blurred vision, eye pain, or sudden vision loss. Diagnosis and treatment prevent the problem from worsening and preserve your eye health. At Focus Refined Eye Care, with offices in The Heights and Montrose neighborhoods of Houston, Texas, general and medical optometrist Bimal Patel, OD, offers same-day emergency eye care. Dr. Patel can save you the hassle of visiting the emergency room or urgent care and provide lasting relief. Call Focus Refined Eye Care to schedule emergency eye care, or book your appointment online today.  

Is a red and irritated eye an emergency? 

It depends. Everyone experiences eye redness and irritation occasionally, but if your symptoms continue for more than a day or two and don’t improve with rest and over-the-counter eye drops, it’s important to get checked out. That’s particularly true if you have:

  • Eye pain
  • Red eyes
  • Sudden changes in vision (like double vision)
  • Experienced blunt force trauma to the area around your eyes
  • Blood in the whites of your eyes
  • Sudden vision loss
  • New incidences of flashes and/or floaters
  • Cuts and/or scratches on your eyelids
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Symptoms of an allergic reaction

At Focus Refined Eye Care, Dr. Patel offers same-day emergency eye care during normal business hours. Simply call or walk into the nearest office to receive treatment.

What steps should I take if I need emergency eye care?

Contact Focus Refined Eye Care immediately if you or a loved one need emergency eye care. This rule applies even if you aren’t sure you’re experiencing an emergency. Delaying treatment increases your risk of vision loss and other potentially serious problems, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

At Focus Refined Eye Care, Dr. Patel sets aside time daily for emergency eye care appointments. Most people can get in within an hour or two of their first symptoms. While you’re waiting, avoid pressing or rubbing on your injured eye. Likewise, if you have something stuck in your eye, don’t try to remove it. 

What does emergency eye care involve?

Dr. Patel tailors emergency eye treatment to your personal needs. First, he asks about your injury and symptoms and completes a comprehensive eye exam.

Most eye emergencies can be diagnosed with a quick visual inspection, but Dr. Patel might also apply special eye drops or use advanced imaging, like tomography, to get a better look at the structures inside your eyes.

After identifying the cause of your discomfort, he makes personalized treatment recommendations that relieve the pain, prevent your symptoms from worsening, and promote healing. 

For example, if you have red eyes due to an infection such as pink eye, Dr. Patel prescribes special eye drops. On the other hand, if you have a contact lens stuck in your eye or something else, Dr. Patel numbs it with a local anesthetic and removes it himself. 

Call Focus Refined Eye Care to schedule an emergency eye care appointment or book your visit online today.